Ms. Perry has taught private art workshops for children, art in public and private schools (all levels), and junior college art appreciation with emphasis on art history and hands-on art experiences related to artistic styles and periods.

"My favorite medium these days is soft pastel. Each medium has its pros and cons as far as personal and environmental safety, ease of transportation and use, framing and production considerations and cost of materials. One needs to find the medium that appeals to your senses--you may love the feel of a brush laying on thick, juicy layers of oil or acrylic paint. You may love to see the thin layers of wash or glaze laid on top of one another. You may love the way a stick of pastel can transform from a hard drawing tool used on its edge, to a wash with alcohol or turpentine, or to a luscious, thick swipe of pure pigment that scumbles over other layers to resemble oil paint. We are fortunate to live in a time when such highly developed art materials are so easily obtainable and affordable."