Wednesday, November 20, 2013

“Blowing and Drifting…” 9-12” Original Pastel Painting by Colorado Artist Margretta S. Perry

“Blowing and Drifting…”

 9"x12” Original Pastel Painting

 by Colorado Artist

 Margretta S. Perry

$225.00...+ Shipping

This pastel painting is a painting of memory and a little bit of fiction. It is an impression piece, I suppose. While growing up in Montana and Wyoming (and a host of other places which are not important right now) the weather forecast was often, “blowing and drifting snow”. If you’ve spent any winter time in the windy plains north of the Rockies, you’ll know what I mean. You might not be having falling snow at the time, but the ground blizzards can be ferocious and deadly. I remember riding many times with my family and having everyone at a car window calling out the white, (can you believe it???) center lines on the highway or the edges of the barrow pit and mile markers on the other side so that whoever was driving would know where he or she was on the road. So, when I painted this piece, I wanted to capture the isolation of the ranch, the mountains in the background, and the effects of the ground blizzard, reshaping the landscape by the minute. These were cold winter days which were miserable outside, but warm and cozy when you went into the house.

I used Wallis sanded paper as the ground and a mix of soft pastels. This painting is matted and framed out to a 12 x 16 size, ready for hanging. Although, if purchased matted but unframed, the shipping would be less but will need to be framed under glass.

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