Wednesday, February 19, 2014

"Homestead Barn" 12 x 16 Original Pastel Painting by Colorado Artist Margretta Smylie Perry

 "Homestead Barn"
 12" x 16"
Original Pastel Painting 

by Colorado Artist 

Margretta Smylie Perry

This old Colorado barn gives a real feel for the past. My family on both sides homesteaded in Colorado, and I think this must be what their barns probably looked like. We had a big barn like this when I was a child in Montana. I remember playing in the hayloft with my older sister when all of a sudden my little legs went right through. It was a good thing I had knobby knees--that's all that kept me from falling on through. My father was below us and was terrified! I still have small white scars on either sides of my knees to remind me how they "saved my bacon"! I love the look and variety of these old barns. Hopefully, folks will continue to take care of them and save them into the future.

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