Sunday, March 15, 2015

"Gracie's Promise" non-profit cards, original pastel paintings by Colorado Landscape Artist, Margretta Smylie Perry

"Butterfly Banquet"

"Gracie's Promise" 
 Non-profit cards from original pastel paintings 
by Colorado Landscape Artist, 
Margretta Smylie Perry

First, the story...last spring I was approached about painting florals to submit as possible cards for the "Gracie's Promise" non-profit organization. I painted my flowers and submitted them to the organization. Low and behold, they were selected to appear on the organization's greeting cards. The original paintings were sold at the Oregon Trails Festival and can be seen at the Platte Valley Bank in Gering, NE. 

Gracie's Promise is an organization which assisted parents of ill or injured children who need on-going care. The fund helps cover expenses not covered by insurance, i.e. gasoline, rooms, food, other travel expenses, outings, etc. The purpose of the cards is to get the word out that this organization is there to assist people in need. They are presented purely on a donation basis, and volunteers do everything from donating the prints, to organizing and placing cards in packets, etc. If you are interested in donating or ordering cards from Gracie's Promise, at
"In the Pink"
The cards come in packets for Birthdays, Get Well, Sympathy, Thank you, and Blank cards.

"Pokey Posies"
"Tulip Talk"
It was such an honor to be able to do this project. Please support the "Gracie's Promise" organization!

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